The Midfielder Said That He Has Already Talked To Rogério Ceni

“The first conversations [with Ceni] were very good, he explained his will and thoughts about my use and I made myself available.

He knows where I can surrender, he knows I can play as a midfielder inside or out. He has these two options, he is training, evaluating.

If I correspond and get my spot, he will use me where he can perform and give the best for São Paulo”, he said, in his official presentation this Friday (21). ).

At the press conference, two things became very clear. First, that Patrick will wear the number 88 shirt at Tricolor. Second, according to the player’s speech, he will continue to play the role of leader in the new club.

“I’m an emotional guy, especially in the game. For me, the more vibrating I am, within the game, the better for my performance.

I’m going to try to collect, I’m going to fight with the referee, I’m going to do my best on and off the field”, he said.

Known for his temperament, Patrick understands that being an active player in the locker room is important to the team.

“I am very transparent with my feelings, I think that the demand is natural, it has to happen within a group.

At halftime in a game, when the team is not doing well, we need to push ourselves to improve what is happening on the field. Everyone needs to take this attitude so that we cover ourselves, raise our morale and seek the result.

I don’t want to carry the burden of arriving and working in the locker room, but we have to charge ourselves to evolve”, she concluded.

In addition to the good performances with the International shirt , it was the ability to perform in various roles in the midfield that made the versatile Patrick draw the attention of São Paulo .

However, the player revealed that he still doesn’t know in what position he will play under the command of Rogério Ceni in the Morumbi team.

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