Supreme Court Will Judge Eulàlia Reguant On March 1 And 2

The Second Chamber of the Supreme Court has appointed for the next days 1 and 2 March the trial of the deputy of the Parlament Eulàlia Reguant for a crime of serious disobedience to the authority by refusing to respond to the popular accusation that in the trial of the ‘ procés’ exercised Vox , despite the fact that she was obliged to do so when appearing as a witness in the hearing against the independence leaders.

The Supreme Court has accepted the evidence proposed both by the Prosecutor’s Office and by the deputy’s defense , which includes the interrogation of the accused, who will be able to testify in Catalan as requested, which will foreseeably force her words to be translated consecutively, a circumstance that in the ‘procés’ trial it was rejected by the defendants who advocated simultaneous translation.

At the beginning of the trial
Regarding what the court has not yet ruled on is the petition for annulment made by Reguant’s defense, which faces a prosecutor’s request for six prison sentences and disqualification. It will do so in the process of preliminary questions with which the oral hearing will begin.

The deputy, who claims to have acted “in a kind of conscientious objection” before a “macho and xenophobic party”, argues the nullity of the proceedings in which she is appraised before the high court and the procedure followed against her was instructed in the courts of Plaza de Castilla .

It also points out that during the trial of the ‘procés’ she was already fined 2,500 euros by the court for refusing to answer Vox, a sanction provided for witnesses who “miss hearings and judicial acts of word, deed or in writing to the consideration, respect and obedience due to judges, prosecutors, lawyers of the Administration of Justice and the rest without constituting a crime “.

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