Spanish National Court Validates The Death Of The Imam Es Satty

The Appeals Chamber of the National Court does not see the need to carry out new tests before proceeding to review the sentence that imposed sentences of 53, 46 and 8 years in prison on two members and a collaborator of the terrorist cell that formed the imam Abdelbaki Es Satty with a group of young people from Ripoll who ended up being killed by the Mossos after committing the outrages in Barcelona and Cambrils on August 17 and 18, 2017, according to a car to which EL PERIÓDICO has had access.

Justice ruled out the 17-A conspiracy theory raised by Villarejo
The court is especially blunt when it comes to ruling out the need to conduct new evidence in relation to the death of Es Satty and describes as a “meticulous analysis” the one carried out by the court presided over by Alfonso Guevara of the “evidence relating to the genetic identification of the cadaveric remains found in Alcanar “, despite the fact that in the oral hearing the death or not of the imam was not judged, but those who occupied the dock of the accused.

Seven declarations and samples
Even so, the order adds that ” it can be concluded from the proceedings that Youssef Aalla died in the explosion of the house in Alcanar on the night of August 16, 2017″ and the imam of Ripoll . Why? Because the only survivor of the chalet, Mohamed Houli Chemlal , who received the heaviest sentence, declared five times before the police and twice in court that Es Satty was there that night.

But also because of the genetic profiles that were collected from the rubble and analyzed by the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences in Barcelona. In order to compare the remains of Es Satty, genetic profiles were also collected at his home, such as a djellaba, bottles and a window handle.

And they took them to Morocco to contrast them with that of a brother, the mother and the daughter of Es Satty. The samples were analyzed by two Moroccan experts who declared the links between the remains found in Alcanar and their Moroccan relatives. That the experts could not come to the trial for the covid does not detract from the validity of the conclusions of the foreign report.

In any case, the court concludes that it would be irrelevant if Es Satty were still alive to determine whether the sentence imposed on the two convicted cell members and the collaborator is in accordance with the law or not, because the only consequence it would cause would be the holding of a new trial in which he would be the one to occupy the bench

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