Spanish Government Is Optimistic About Being Able To Define Payment To IMF

“It is a matter of high State and work is done in a climate of absolute concentration” . This is how he summed up before La Nacióna source from the Executive what happened during this intense day in the Government around the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

These are decisive moments for the negotiations with the organization, in view of the fact that tomorrow Argentina has a debt maturity of more than 718 million dollars, while as a background it is fundamentally sought to reach an agreement for the renegotiation of the total amount of what the country owes and that amounts to 44 billion dollars.

In the last few hours and taking into account that meetings were held at the highest level of the government alliance, the possibility began to take shape that the pact with the IMF would finally be on track.At the close of this note, Casa Rosada sources assured that “negotiations continue” and that there could be some kind of announcement tomorrow.

Regarding the payment that must be made tomorrow, sources familiar with the matter emphasized that the country has the necessary reserves to face that payment and chose to be open to the possibility that it finally materializes, despite the doubts of the last days.

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A senior government source pointed out that what was sought was that the announcement of the payment be accompanied by some pronouncement from the IMF that would support the negotiations with Argentina.

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Communications and meetings were permanent both on the fifth floor of the Ministry of Economy , where the office of Minister Martín Guzmán is located, and on the first level of Casa Rosada, where the office of the president, Alberto Fernández , is located , and between the two dependencies. The minister himself crossed to Rosada where after 5:40 p.m. the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa , arrived . Fernández did not have a public agenda and all his activities were focused on the issue of debt and the need for an agreement with the Fund.

Everything happened in the midst of a climate of uncertainty and frenetic negotiations, which encouraged some official sources to support the hypothesis that the negotiation could be put on track with tomorrow’s payment. Representatives of Kirchnerism do not participate in the meetings, at least in person, as they have always been tougher and more reluctant to reach a possible agreement. Cristina Kirchner herself is on a trip to Honduras and even yesterday she criticized the Fund, although without mentioning it. But in the Government they clarified that the conversation was already at the highest level: between Alberto Fernández, Cristina, Massa and Guzmán.

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Contacts are also permanent with Washington DC where the headquarters of the credit organization is located. “It is at the ministerial level, even with Kristalina Georgieva (IMF director) herself and with Julie Kozack and Luis Cubeddu, deputy director of the Western Hemisphere Department, and head of mission for Argentina,” the sources consulted detailed. In fact there was a zoom between Alberto Fernández, Guzmán, Chodos, Kozack and Cubeddu. At 8:30 p.m. Fernández left the Casa Rosada to go to Olivos.

At this time, Guzmán works more “side by side” than ever with Sergio Chodos , Argentine representative before the IMF. The minister, who visited Vice President Cristina Kirchner before she traveled to Honduras – in information that was not denied by the sources familiar with the matter – has been starting his days very early in the morning for days .

He does it alone in his Buenos Aires apartment, in the Belgrano neighborhood and around 9 o’clock he is already at the Ministry. In his office on the fifth floor, with a view of Irigoyen Street and the Casa Rosada itself, he meets with his extremely trusted people and, according to the needs that arise, he summons those responsible for the affected areas.Everything happens in a small group and marked by a strong secrecy.

It is then that they use the phrase “high state issue” again to explain that, due to the sensitivity of the issue, they seek to avoid any type of leaks. “The different versions that have been known in recent days do not help. It is a very sensitive issue and only a few people really know what is happening” , government sources insisted.

Argentina faces the renegotiation of the debt of 44 billion dollars that Argentina maintains with the international organization and that was taken in 2019, during the administration of Mauricio Macri. In the midst of the twists and turns, the IMF demands from the Government a “solid and credible” program.

In this regard, in recent days, Gita Gopinath , the IMF’s number two, said that they were working closely with the government with a “pragmatic and flexible” approach and stressed that they hoped “to achieve more progress in the coming days,” he said.

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