Son Of The President Of The Republic Was Playing On The Computer When The Episode Took Place

“We were on the porch last night when a friend and I suddenly heard a noise coming from the back of the house. We immediately turned on the lights and there was a man in a black shirt and shorts,” he said.

“When this man saw us, he ran away, and I ran inside to check where Renan and his aunt [Ana] Cristina [Valle, Bolsonaro’s ex-wife] were.

Renan was playing on the computer, with headphones, in the office, and the aunt was sleeping”, he added.

Afterwards, the advisor says he locked the house and called the Military Police and the GSI (Institutional Security Office). “They did a sweep, they had several men with big guns, and everything was fine.”

Asked if a police report was made, Pupe says no. “It was an attempt, and not a robbery or theft itself.

For the time being, we think it’s better not to make the report, but it can be done at another time if we think it’s necessary”, he said.

Bolsonaro’s son’s advisor assesses that he does not know if the man who was seen at the residence had the intention of doing something with Jair Renan or with the president’s ex-wife, but he says he is calmer, because “the GSI reinforced the security of the place. “, according to him.

Son 04 did not tell Bolsonaro about the episode, who is in Suriname this Thursday (20) to deal with oil.

The representative even said that the neighboring country is considering giving priority to Petrobras to help prospect for oil and gas.

The report called the PM of the Federal District and the GSI and awaits a return. The house where Jair Renan , the youngest son of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) lives, located in Lago Sul, an upscale area of ​​Brasília, suffered an attempted robbery this Thursday.

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