POT That Will Transform City by Launching Election Campaign

Soacha Land Management Plan has already been filed and its objective is the transformation of the city in terms of mobility, environment, industry and housing.

According to the mayor of Soacha, Juan Carlos Saldarriaga, the 470 articles that make up the document include all the areas necessary to think about the modern Soacha of 2035.

“Soacha had been without a POT for more than 20 years, so this tool gives the possibility of organizing the territory and meeting our goal of going from 50 cm to six meters of public space for all citizens. Soacha will continue to be a city of opportunities for all Colombians”, he indicated.

The vision of the POT is to transform Soacha into a modern, sustainable, equitable and inclusive city that leads regional development in the environmental, social and economic components. Likewise, it will be oriented towards five general policies: first, recovery and environmental protection; second, consolidation of Soacha as part of the most important urban centers in the country; third, mobility policy; fourth, habitat and the provision of comprehensive housing; and, finally, policy on the forms of occupation of urban land and expansion.

Within the POT, 700 hectares of land are contemplated for urban expansion with two restrictions: to deliver, incorporate or issue housing construction licenses, the construction of phase IV of Transmilenio and the studies and designs of the Metro Line to the city must be carried out. .

In addition, 800 hectares will be located for free and industrial zones, generating employment for all the citizens of Soacha and contributing to the economic reactivation and development of the city. Likewise, 100 hectares will be allocated to build the South Abastos plant, larger than the one existing in Bogotá.

The Soacha airport proposed in the new Land Management Plan will have an approximate area of ​​125 hectares and will be located in the northwest of the Canoas district, parallel to the future Western Longitudinal Highway (ALO).

It is important to mention that according to the document, this will support the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá.

It should be noted that during July of this year the municipal administration carried out the corresponding socializations of this POT before the leaders, representatives of minorities and the community in general to receive their concerns, proposals and observations before the filing of the final document.

The Soacha Land Management Plan has already been filed and its objective is the transformation of the city in terms of mobility, environment, industry and housing.

Mainly, the conception of four strategic operations will be given that will allow giving life, dynamism and ease of mobility to the soachunos within the city, as well as generating connection alternatives with Bogotá.

Among these are the Western Longitudinal Avenue (ALO), which will generate an important industrial development area, whose complementary national and regional cargo access corridor will focus industrial and logistics activities with the southwestern part of the country and with the Port of Buenaventura.

It also includes the urban renewal of the Autopista Sur with the construction of phases II and III of Transmilenio, which will cover the social needs in terms of equality, equity and accessibility for more than one million inhabitants; the consolidation of Avenida Ciudad de Cali with its respective Transmilenio trunk, the urban expansion associated with it and the materialization of Avenida Circunvalar de Soacha that will strengthen the mining industry and improve the living conditions of the neighborhoods of Comuna 6.

Thanks to different studies generated by the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History (ICANH) and the Mayor’s Office of Soacha, different archaeological sites have been identified, which will have their respective management plan, the architectural elements with historical value that They will be preserved and restored for your contemplation.

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