NATO Will Increase Its Presence On The Border With Russia

NATO has agreed on Wednesday to deploy new multinational combat groups in eastern Europe, with the idea of ​​reinforcing the presence of the Atlantic Alliance on the eastern flank in the midst of escalating tensions with Russia .

This has been confirmed by the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, after the meeting of allied defense ministers in Brussels, in which they have given the go-ahead to study this deployment in the Black Sea and Romania, under the leadership of France.

This plan will now go to the NATO military commanders who will decide the “scope and potential” of the deployment , based on the concept that the Atlantic Alliance already manages in the combat battalions in Poland and the Baltic countries, forces in which it participates . Spain and which were designed in 2014 in response to the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia.

As confirmed by Stoltenberg, there is convergence between the allies after Romania has expressed its readiness to host the battalions, France its willingness to lead them and other allies have shown their willingness to participate .

In any case, the former Norwegian prime minister has clarified that the decision has not yet been made and that it will take a few weeks to collect the practical and logistical information to launch the initiative. A few days ago, while visiting Romania, the NATO Secretary General assured that these new detachments could be ready in the spring.

As a backdrop is the security crisis in Ukraine caused by the unusual concentration of Russian troops at the gates of the country , which has generated tension over a possible invasion.

Stoltenberg has reiterated that, despite the announcements from Moscow, which assures that it has withdrawn troops and is open to dialogue with NATO, a withdrawal of Russian troops is not perceived on the ground. ” The paradox is that while we see that it is possible to progress on the diplomatic path , what we see on the ground is that there is no withdrawal and that Russia is moving positions and launching cyberattacks,” he said in reference to the latest cyberthreats. denounced by Kiev.

In the opinion of the Scandinavian politician, this whole scenario forms a “new normality” with which, as he has warned, the allies are going to have to live in their relations with Russia.

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“Russia has shown that it is ready to question security principles , the right of NATO to protect its allies and of countries to freely choose their alliances,” he denounced, lamenting that the Kremlin does not hesitate to resort to force and coercion to get other European countries to accept their demands.

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