Lambán Suspends His Appointment With Aragonès

There will be no meeting between Pere Aragonès and Javier Lambán . The president of Aragon communicated this Thursday afternoon to the head of the Generalitat that the meeting that was going to take place on Friday in Balaguer to talk, among other things, about the 2030 Olympic Games is not going to take place due to the “important differences ” Between both.

The president of Aragon considers that “it is better to postpone” the meeting “so as not to take any step back in a project that will benefit the entire territory of the Pyrenees.” Despite this clarification, the annulment leaves the Olympic candidacy in the air.

The Government maintains its intention to carry out its own candidacy for the 2030 Olympic Games, without discussing any type of co-management, but open to “technical collaboration” with Aragon. The Diputación General de Aragón (DGA) for its part, pointed out the indications of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) and the Government. For this reason, the way in which Aragonès and Lambán were going to treat each other, and if they were going to open a single and joint path towards the year 2030, was impatiently awaited . Well, for the moment there will be no meeting this Friday.

The Generalitat has received Lambán’s decision with “astonishment” and describes it as “irresponsible” although it intends to continue both with the technical work and with the preparation of the citizen consultation . In any case, the Catalan side put the accent of the meeting on issues outside the candidacy. “It was the first meeting between the two presidents with issues on the table such as shared services, Next Generation funds, industrial issues and the agri-food sector, in addition to the Winter Olympics,” sources from the Government maintained.

At noon the details were being finalized between the two governments, the issues and the ways in which to move forward, especially in the Olympic conflict. First thing in the morning, Lambán tactfully prepared the summit with his Catalan counterpart, refraining from issuing “any type of judgment” that would hinder the meeting. According to sources familiar with the conversations between the respective teams, it was at the time that the Catalan side transmitted that the message that Aragonès would transfer in person to Lambán would be the same as the one expressed hours before in Parliament and, days before, by the ‘consellera’ of the Presidency Laura Vilagrà, when the Aragonese side has canceled the appointment. In other words, the candidacy is and will be Catalan.

Internal pressure to Lambán
Different parties had asked the head of the Aragonese Executive these days to be “forceful”, especially the Popular Party , which requested that he behave with the ‘president’ “with the same vehemence” as he does on social networks. “My position regarding the defense of the interests of Aragon does not admit lessons from anyone, much less from that party (PP),” Lambán responded on Thursday.

“I am going to Catalonia to resume an institutional relationship that was interrupted six years ago, something that is not good. There are many issues that we have to deal with the Catalans, brothers in history, culture, geographical neighbors and sharers of many economic interests and social”, said Lambán this morning, who had a pending conversation with Alejandro Blanco, president of the COE.

“I know that yesterday Alejandro Blanco, after being in Zaragoza the day before yesterday, visited Catalan political leaders. I have yet to speak with him so that tomorrow’s meeting is fruitful in this specific aspect”, explained the president, who planned to raise the ‘ Catalan president Aragon’s position “of alignment with the COE , which is leading the candidacy” and that he has said “clearly” how that candidacy should proceed .

Government sources explain that Vilagrà’s meeting with Blanco, “limited to the technical field”, was very positive. Of course, Vilagrà insisted on the idea that Catalonia does not intend to give up ‘sovereignty’ of its candidacy. At best, “technical” collaboration.

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