Khaula Could Be The Thirteenth Minor Murdered By Sexist Violence In Spain

A 14-year-old girl was murdered this Tuesday in Alcalá la Real (Jaén) and another 17-year-old girl in Totana (Murcia) last week . This year, if finally the minor of Jaén is considered a victim of gender violence, half of those murdered, two out of four, were minors. And the last one is one of the youngest since there are official records , in 2003. Since then, twelve minors have been murdered by people with whom they had a romantic relationship.

The body of the 14-year-old girl allegedly murdered in Alcalá la Real (Jaén) by a 22-year-old boy was found naked in the ruins of the Santo Domingo de Silos church. Her alleged murderer later notified the Civil Guard. Given the lack of collaboration of the self-accused, the Benemérita investigates if they had some type of previous sentimental relationship, and therefore it is framed in gender violence, or if it is a murder of sexual violence.

“It is true that we are still awaiting the police investigation, but, of course, everything may indicate that it may be a sexist crime ,” Andalusian President Juanma Moreno advanced this Wednesday, however.

“It is true that we are still awaiting the police investigation, but, of course, everything may indicate that it may be a sexist crime”
The victim was identified by a photo provided by the mother as Khaula, a 14-year-old girl of Spanish nationality and of Arab descent.

Just a few days before, Claudia Abigail, a young Spanish woman of Ecuadorian origin who lived in Totana (Murcia) was murdered when she said she did not want to continue the relationship with her boyfriend . She had agreed to meet him that day to collect a series of her belongings, a meeting that he took advantage of to kill her and hide her in a storage room.

A single precedent in 2013
To find a woman who was a fatal victim of sexist violence as young as the girl from Jaén, you have to go back to 2013. When an 18-year-old boy murdered his girlfriend, who was studying at the local institute. He also did it because she refused to continue being her girlfriend, even though he wrote her a letter telling her that she wanted to continue being her friend . It happened in Tarrega, Lleida. The man convicted of killing her acknowledged in the trial that he stabbed her up to 23 times, one day after she cut off their romantic relationship.

In the official statistics of annual fatalities of the Government, there is also another victim under 15 years of age in 2012.

The mother of the 14-year-old girl murdered yesterday in Alcalá la Real asks for justiceThe mother of the 14-year-old girl murdered yesterday in Alcalá la Real asks for justiceEFE / Miguel Angel Molina
Meanwhile, in Spain, one in five adolescent and young boys believes that gender violence does not exist and that it is only an “ideological invention” . A perception that, moreover, has skyrocketed in just four years, according to the latest barometer of the Reina Sofía Center on Adolescence and Youth of Fad, as explained by this information from Elena Omedes .

A year ago now , the Ministry of Equality presented the study “The situation of violence against women in adolescence in Spain”. The main conclusion was that ” gender violence among adolescent girls decreases but sexual violence increases “.

The situations of gender violence in the sphere of the couple that adolescents experience more frequently are those of emotional abuse (17.3%), general abusive control (17.1%) and control through mobile phones (14, 9%). 11.1% stated that they had felt pressured into sexual situations in which they did not want to participate by the boy they are currently going out with (16.9%), or by the boy they were going out with, wanted to go out with or wanted to go out with her.

In the period between 2013 and 2020, the study found a decrease in gender-based violence suffered by adolescents, and attributed it to the awareness and prevention campaigns carried out in the last decade.

The State Pact against Gender Violence , first, and the Children’s Law , later, oblige the Autonomous Communities to train youth in the prevention of gender violence in educational centers , as recalled in the Ministry of Equality .

At the same time, the regional governments set up specific assistance services for adolescents, as is the case in Madrid of the ‘don’t cut yourself off’ program that helps identify features of abuse and get out of it.

address masculinity
The former delegate of the Government of Gender Violence Miguel Lorente believes that, in any case, the murder of the girl from Jaén is “gender violence”, according to official definitions. “It makes no sense that it is not considered gender-based violence when he kills her for a relationship of possession, of property and he is the one who decides on her life, and leaves her no margin.”

In her opinion, in Spain “feminist policies are needed to address the model of masculinity”, because young boys, in general, react negatively to educational messages of equality, because they see their identity questioned and interpret feminism as the loss of privileges.

“It is necessary to assume a cultural change, because they, being in the same classrooms and social networks as them, do not identify themselves as feminists.” Lorente asks to review the risk of young women under surveillance for gender violence. And, in general, “to educate, raise awareness and criticize messages denying gender violence “. mainly those of the extreme right that arrive with the reinforcement of the institutional authority.

15 minors at high risk
The Security Forces have 836 active cases of victims of sexist violence under 18 years of age, of which 15 are at high risk; 173, middle; in 360, low and in 288 the agents have not appreciated danger, according to the latest data provided to Efe by the Ministry of the Interior. These are figures from the Comprehensive Monitoring System in cases of Gender Violence (the system known as VioGén) as of January 31, while 2021 closed with a total of 852 active cases of minor victims in total.

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