JEC Confirms The Dismissal Of Juvillà And Warns Borràs Of Legal Consequences

The Central Electoral Board (JEC) has confirmed this Thursday the dismissal of the coupero Pau Juvillà from the Parlament. The administrative body has issued a resolution in which it orders the president of the Chamber, Laura Borràs , to immediately remove the seat from the third secretary of the Bureau and to comply with the issuance of the credential of a new parliamentarian, the next in the list of the cuperos to the elections of February 14.

Juvillà was sentenced by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) to six months of disqualification and a fine of 1,080 euros for disobedience by refusing to remove yellow ribbons from his office in Paeria de Lleida during the 2019 electoral period.

In its resolution, the JEC agrees with Ciutadans and rejects the ‘cupaire”s request for precautionary measures, for which it demands that its agreement of January 20, which already dictated the withdrawal of the act, be complied with. Thus, it gives Borràs five business days to inform the JEC of the measures he has taken in compliance with his ruling and warns him of “legal consequences” if he does not comply.

The Parliament has an ace up its sleeve, but it will not be able to stop the order because it is firm in the administrative process, whatever the Supreme Court decides later. On Tuesday, the plenary session endorsed with the vote of the independentistas and the abstention of the PSC the presentation of a contentious-administrative appeal before this court in defense of Juvillà, just as he did, to try to shield his seat until the ruling of the TSJC be firm.

This brief will be presented immediately, according to parliamentary sources, but in the environment of the president they are aware that it is very difficult for her to estimate it, since they take as a precedent the case of the ‘ex-president’ Quim Torra and the resolution of this Thursday.

In a statement, ERC, Junts and the CUP reaffirm the agreements reached by the Parliament, which, on this occasion, acted differently from the Torra episode. The cuperos found a legal loophole in a ruling by the ‘ex-president’ in which the JEC was right for “inaction” by the Chamber, for which they approved an opinion that tried to shield Juvillà in the commission from the statute of the deputy and later in plenary session to show that they wanted to squeeze all legal avenues.

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