January started with a lot of rain in Paulo

January started with a lot of rain in Paulo and the storms lasted throughout the first days of the year The Cantareira system the largest producer of water in the metropolitan region ended 2021 with 249 of capacity in the socalled restriction phase but it has recovered and can go up to the alert phase Today it has 299 storage The situation brings a little more comfort but still requires attention according to experts.

According to the bulletin from Sabesp Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo this Tuesday 18th 1453 millimeters of rain have already rained in the system this month The historical average for January is 2637 mm

But when we compare it with January 1 2014 during the water crisis we realize that the situation was very similar to today with 272 of the reserve capacity In midJanuary 2021 the spring had 401 of storage a much higher rate than the current one.

On July 11 2014 the reservoir reached zero level and it was necessary to explore the dead volume the one below the operational level and also called the technical reserve which can only be used with pumping

For Pedro Luiz Côrtes postgraduate professor in environmental science at USPs Institute of Energy and Environment the situation in Cantareira is critical and not new It has been bad for the last 11 years with rainfall below the historical average The exception was just one year and this is worrying We have reduced dependence on this system but it is still the main one in Paulo.

The professor of water resources and sanitation at Mackenzie and FESP is more optimistic and believes that the situation is more comfortable today than in 2013 is recovering but there is a tendency to inertia the rain trend remains the system will recover This improvement trend makes us calmer but we depend on rain and the weather forecasts are not exact he says

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