Ingrid Betancourt conditions her permanence in Upcoming Elections

he kicked the board again This Thursday afternoon he issued an ultimatum If the Coalition Centro Esperanza does not prohibit the entry of machinery with great pain I will withdraw he said His warning was made at a press conference followed in the distance by his other colleagues in the community and whom he took by surprise.

The support of people linked to machinery that has led to corruption and who ignore the spirit of the coalition should be prohibited he said You have to decide are you for corruption or against it This is black or white he sentenced.

This escalates the crisis that began in the facetoface of Semana and EL TIEMPO last Tuesday in which when no one expected it Betancourt accused Alejandro Gaviria I am not going to allow the wolf to enter where the sheep are With the metaphor he illustrated his annoyance at the arrival of the Radical Change senator Germán Varón to his team

Ingrid his thing is hypocrisy and opportunism he has no other name that is I invite her as Gabriel García Márquez once said to look at herself in the mirror of her own faults Why doesnt she check the Green Alliance list Isnt there any machinery there he replied

The meeting in which ten candidates for the presidency participated sought that they present their proposals in case they reach the Casa de Nariño However it brought to light the deep differences of a coalition that in the following hours has been on the verge of a definitive fracture

You may be interested in Betancourt and Gaviria Centro Esperanza unit exploded face to face With a lot of pain but with the commitment that I have with the Colombians I withdraw from the coalition.

In fact at that moment the other two members of the coalition present on stage Sergio Fajardo and Juan Manuel Galán offered excuses and asked to settle the differences privately Then there were three unsuccessful matches

Humberto de la Calle head of the Senate list invited dialogue and offered to act as a good composer Although the positions were distant he was optimistic It may interest you Alejandro Gaviria says that whoever divides cannot unite the country.

For Betancourt the doors had to be closed to the corrupt For Gaviria the qualification was not only unfair but also very provocative because he explained that what he has done is bring in politicians with whom he shares ideals and whom he describes as honest.

In a more leisurely tone he told her through a video Whoever divides and excludes now during the election will not be able to unite the country around the reforms that Colombians need.

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