Brazil Faces Water Crisis since 2021

To ensure water security it is necessary to preserve the areas where the springs are located combat deforestation recover vegetation around the reservoirs invest in water reuse and desalination in addition to reducing distribution losses

In Brazil the m³ of water varies from R 2 to 250 In other countries recycled water is 2 to 3 times more expensive It is necessary to invest more in technology to think about reuse as an alternative in the medium term 99 is water There are always large and complex alternatives but it is necessary because it rains less and less in Cantareira over the years explains Giansante

Pedro Luiz Côrtes however does not believe that it is necessary to use dead volume this year He argues that the pressure reduction is already a form of rationing It is already happening with the reduction at night and people end up running out of water Sabesp assumes this to reduce losses and does not link it to the water crisis I believe there is rationing in an election year because it has the political burden

Antônio Giansante agrees Election year is more unlikely to have rationing but it shouldnt be hidden thats why we have the technicians sewers

In a note Sabesp informed that there is no risk of shortages at this time in the metropolitan region of São Paulo but reinforced the need for the conscious use of water According to the company the projections are for an increase in the level of the reservoirs in January and February months with the highest historical averages of rainfall

Since the water crisis the companys investments have made the Integrated System more robust and flexible it is possible to supply different areas with more than one system including São Lourenço with investments of R 221 billion and the interconnection of the Paraíba do Sul basin with the Cantareira for R 555 million he wrote in a statement

The R 1115 million interconnection work on the Itapanhaú River is still in progress The operation should start in the first half of the year

To ensure water security the company said it adopted a set of measures including system integration with water transfers between regions expansion of infrastructure and management of night pressure to reduce losses in the network in addition to campaigns for the use water conscious

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